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Dedicated Training Course for Internal and External Auditors

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Auditing Using Data

An introduction to 

Data Analytics

Core Course Outcomes

Builds confidence - Using a simple and jargon free approach 

Demonstrating - simple yet powerful data analytics techniques

Practical tips on how to utilise data to add value in audits

Learn how to extract useful meaning from data during audits

Approach to gaining stakeholder buy-in

Development framework to continue skills development

Worked through audit based examples

This course is best suited for: 

  • Professional auditors (internal & external) and audit leaders

  • Compliance and quality assessors

  • Possess no data analytics experience but are keen to start developing these valuable data skills

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Auditing Using Data Training Course

On-Line module learning

Pre-recorded training course available online

Delegates can access pre-recorded training at a suitable time for them

Efficient way to access training for international auditors (outside the UK)

Worked through examples and practice exercises provided

We are committed to support accessibility to our training for all audit professionals worldwide  

Cost: Priced according to regional location.  



Private 'Data Literacy' Mentoring for Individuals

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One 2 One 'Data' Coaching

Additional support to boost your 'data' confidence

Core Course Outcomes

Personal guidance to enhance ongoing learning of applying data analytics and utilising data

Access dedicated support and guidance when you need it, to overcome a specific data problem. 

Helps to build your confidence to more regularly use simple data analytics as part of your job role. 

This course is best suited for: 

  • Professional auditors (internal & external) and audit leaders

  • No data analytics experience but keen to develop valuable data skills

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